Function parseIntlDate

  • parse a date according to the given format


    'd/m/y|d m Y|dmy|y-m-d h:i:s|y-m-d'


    • value: string

      string date to parse

    • fmts: string =

      format list - i18 tranlation by default allowed format specifiers: d or D: date (1 or 2 digits) m or M: month (1 or 2 digits) y or Y: year (2 or 4 digits) h or H: hours (1 or 2 digits) i or I: minutes (1 or 2 digits) s or S: seconds (1 or 2 digits) : 1 or more spaces any other char: <0 or more spaces><0 or more spaces> each specifiers is separated from other by a pipe (|) more specific at first

    Returns Date

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