Function formatIntlDate

  • format a date as string


    01/01/1970 11:25:00 with '{this is my demo date formatter: }H-i*M'
    "this is my demo date formatter: 11-25*january"


    • date: Date

      date to format

    • fmt: string =

      format format specifiers: d: date D: 2 digits date padded with 0 j: day of week short mode 'mon' J: day of week long mode 'monday' w: week number m: month M: 2 digits month padded with 0 o: month short mode 'jan' O: month long mode 'january' y or Y: year h: hour (24 format) H: 2 digits hour (24 format) padded with 0 i: minutes I: 2 digits minutes padded with 0 s: seconds S: 2 digits seconds padded with 0 a: am or pm anything else is inserted if you need to insert some text, put it between {}

    Returns string

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